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Where to stay

HOTEL COSMPOLITAN is situated in the most active part of Ruse, at 1-3 Dobri Nemirov Str. - a crossroad of Alexandrovska Str - the main street in Ruse. Very near, at 4 Alexandrovska Str. you will find a good restaurant and a night club. The hotel is near one of the most attractive historical and cultural sightseeings, that Ruse has preserved during the ages.


You could also stay at GRAND HOTEL RIGA, the biggest 4 star hotel in Ruse. It won the prestigious award for Events Tourism of the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association in 2012. The hotel is situated at the shoreline of Danube river, only 400 meters away from the city square. Its strategic location makes it a convenient place for business travel and tourism in Ruse, as well as Bucharest.


HOTEL DUNAV PLAZA is located at the heart of the city center. It is perfect if you are staying not only as a tourist, but also for business or administrative work, since it is a vital part of the city square, right next to all the important institutions in Ruse.