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Where to eat and drink

"Leventa" Complex

"Leventa" complex is situated in the historical fort "Levent Tabia", built during the early years of the XIX century - the strongest part of the Ottoman Fortress in Ruse. It was designed by the Prussian officer von Moltke. After the liberation of Bulgaria, the fort was preserved and used for funerals of the Danube Military Flotilla.
In 1972 it was turned in an attractive restaurant complex "Leventa". The 7 halls of the complex bear the spirit of the different Danube capitals. They have seen famous leaders such as Fidel Castro, Leonid Brezhnev, Chaushesko and many more.

In the midst of the 90-ies, the restaurant stopped working. It was renovated and reopened in the end of 2005, by its current name "Complex Leventa". 
The new owners not only opened the restaurant, but also added a winery house. The restaurant now has 150 seats in 7 halls, decorated with beautiful murals. . The winery house produces elite red and white wines under the trademark "Levent". The wines are produced by an inovative combination of natural ancient methods and the best of modern science.
Official website of the complex.