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The Museum Of Sports Liu Ayer Opened Doors in Bulstrad Arena

The Museum of Sport "Lui Ayer" was officially opened today at Bulstrad Arena. It was the managament's idea to create a contemporary museum at our venue.

The exposition includes medals, cups, diplomas, pictures and different artefacts from the sports history of Ruse and the sports history of Bulgaria. Among the names of the great people that this Museum will represent are Liubomir Ganev, Veselin Topalov, Anelia Nuneva, Evgeni Ignatov, Hristo Markov, Taniu Kiryakov, Valentin Yordanov, Neshka Robeva and Rahmat Sukra.

The event was attended by the Minister of Sports and Youth Krasen Kralev, as well as the MP from GERB Plamen Nunev, Ruse's mayor Plamen Stoilov and his team, the Governor of Ruse Valentin Kolev and many others.

"An idea, that we have talked about in years, today has become reality", shared Mr. Plamen Stoilov. The Minsiter of Sports Krasen Kralev asked all parents to bring their kids to this museum.

Bulstrad Arena will keep on its charity campaign to gather even more artefacts and make the Museum's collection richer and more interesting.

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