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Working hours:
- Our administration office works from 09:00 to 18:00h.
Should I pay for a tour at the Arena?
- No, so far it is free.
What can I do at BULSTRAD Arena?
- Have fun :)
What should I do if I lose something during an event?
- Please, turn to someone from the Angels crew, a guard or another official representative of BULSTRAD ARENA. In case you realise later that you have lost something, turn to our administration office.
What should I do if I lose a child or someone from my group of people?
- Please, turn to someone from the Angels crew, a guard or another official representative of BULSTRAD ARENA.
Can I take pictures inside the Arena?
- Yes, except for the events that specifically do not allow taking pictures.
Who should I contact if I want to shoot video at the Arena?
- You should contact the managers of BULSTRAD Arena. You can do that through our administration office.
Can I buy tickets directly from BULSTRAD Arena?
- Yes, you can buy from our official Box Office. It is situated immediately next to the main entrance. You can also do it online through our website.
Where else can I buy tickets?
- BULSTRAD Arena have a vast network of partners who sell tickets through their offices. You can check that at our website in the "Tickets" section.
Should people with dissabilites buy special tickets?
- No! People with dissabilities are no different to other people. They only need assistance when entering the Arena in order to get to the special spots with cleared view. So if you need assistance, do not hesitate to ask us in advance:
What will I see from my seat?
- You can know that in advance by visiting our Seat View section (It will be available soon).
Which seats offer the best view?
- All of them!
Are there discounts for group visits?
- Each event is different so you should ask before buying tickets.
If I buy tickets online, where can I get them?
- From every office, authorized by Eventim or from the Arena Box Office.
I lost my ticket, can I get a new one?
- In case you lose your ticket, turn to or to an official representative of the Arena (if that happens right before the start of the event).
How early should I arrive before the start of the event?
- It is different for every event. Our advice is to avoid leaving it to the last minutre. The earliest you arrive, the easier your entrance will be.
Can I use flash light for pictures?
- It is not a good practice and at some events that will be forbiden.
When does the gates open?
- Usually this is between one hour or an hour and half before the start of the event.
When do the events start?
- Usually they start between 19:00 and 20:00, but you should check that in advance.
If I am late, will I be able to enter the Arena?
- Of course.
Do you have special tours for fans at the Arena?
- So far we are working on that.
Where can I smoke?
- There are special smoking locations outside of the Arena.