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Information about the arena

Arena Ruse is a public-private partnership that aims to boost the economic, cultural and social development of Ruse and the region, by providing professional service for sports and leisure events. We want to attract not only local visitors but also people from Romania. This will stimulate the local economy, by forming new services and products, opening new workplaces, boosting the direct and indirect revenues in the local budget. Generally Arena Ruse is an added value to our city.
We can state that Arena Ruse is the most modern and functional venue in Bulgaria for international, national and regional sports and leusire events. This gives us the opportunity to develop a dynamic and well optimized events calendar.
Main features:

  • 5 100 comfortable seats, 100 of which are premium
  • * seats are produced by the German company STECHERT GRUPPE.
  • * the telesopic stands are produced by GLOBAL INDUSTRIES - FRANCE.
  • 1 200 seats on ground at concert events.
  • 3 000 standing people at concert events.
  • Special media seats - depends on the type of the event.
  • 6 luxury VIP lounges with 12 seats at each.
  • 1 presidential suite with 43 luxury seats, separated in 3 rooms.
  • 1 main Arena with special sports floor of LEVEL 1 - FIBA approved (suitable for volleyball, basketball, handball and badminton).
  • 2 training halls with sertified sports grounds by FIVB, IHF and FIBA.
  • 1 100 parking spots in an underground parking.
  • Restaurant for visitors and guests.
  • Restaurant for sportsmen and visiting artists.
  • Presscentre.
  • Offices and extra suites.
  • Dynamic spots for food and beverages - outdoor and indoor.
  • Suites for commentators.
  • Access control system.
  • 2 LED stationary screens for results display at the main Arena - FIBA Level 1.
  • 1 LED dynamic screen for results display at the training halls - FIBA Level 3.
  • Security control cabin.


Visitors' security and health are at the bottom of our management strategy. Following the best world practices, at Arena Ruse we have provided working models to meet the highest criteria, starting from the construction of the venue. We have also prepared a strategy for partnership with all the security institutions and the local authorities.
Visitors comfort is a mixture of actions, services and good practices that aim to guarantee your best mood and positive memories from every event. Comfort is a guarantee feature for the successful development of the venue and that visitors will come back again - this is top priority for us. Here we have thought for the pleasant time of our guests before, during and after each event. The venue has one more advantage - it is amfitheatrical which provides great view and emotions no matter where you sit.
The venue matches all the actual international requirements for sports and leisure events. This is the most functional venue in Bulgaria, since before its construction, all necessary requirements were taken into consideration. As a result, we have a flexible and well balanced events calendar.
Arena Ruse is the first venue in Bulgaria, to be run by an experienced and professional management team. The Arena has a 12-year business plan, that takes into consideration both investors and market requirements. The Venue offers various services to its visitors and the goal is to form an even wider portfolio of main and additional services. In parallel with developing our business we will lead an active role to support local culture and sports. The main goal is to establish new and good practices that will show people a new way of management that leads to more value for both people of Ruse and investors.
This is the most important aspect and final aim of our whole marketing policy and managemenet. Without a solid and fullfilled public, no business plan will be successful. We are implementing an active and longstanding program for development of loyal public, based on mutual trust.
In 2007 the Municipality of Ruse and a private investor signed a contract for longterm cooperation and construction of the Venue. Brothers Bobokovi were the private investor. They are also part of the managing boards of some of the biggest industrial companies in Bulgaria - Prista Oil Holding and Monbat, both situated in Ruse. According to the contract, they were to build a sports and leisure indoor arena with 5 000 people capacity and a big public centre with a hotel, commercial and business areas, as well as underground parking and green area for public use. The contract was a result of the high public demand for finishing the Arena, that was started more than 25 years ago.
In order to fullfill the contract, investors created the company Project Ruse. The total investment at the venue so far is BGN 55 856 861 - 18 884 00 leva kind contribution by the Municipality of Ruse and 36 972 861 leva granted by the private investor. After finishing the venue, 51% of the ownership will be in the hands of the private investor and 49% in the hands of Ruse Municipality.
The maintenance costs are all provided by the private investor.
For all the finishing costs and the preparation for full exploatation of Arena Ruse, funds are granted by HYPO NOE Group (Austria) and Unicredit Bulbank (Bulgaria).